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Pink Pepper

Pink Pepper

Pink Peppercorns are grown in the wild, mainly in the Atlantic Brazilian cost under natural conditions, we may say that it is an organically grown product, as it is grown without the use of any pesticides, insecticides or fertilisers, when the berries reaches maturity they are handpicked , dehydrated, cleaned and packed for human consumption.

Agrorosa specialises in producing pink pepper collected from the nature, 95% of our berries are collected from the wild enviroment, from around 50 different varieties of pink berries, resulting in a product of flavourfull, different from those who exports only one variety of pink berries.

We can gurantee a product within the EU limits of Pesticide, anthaquinone, PAH, microbiology etc.

This year will have a HACCP certification implemented in our factory, alongside we bought new equipments, collor sorting process, eletronic metal detector, etc.,to  improving the final product quality.

Black Pepper and Pink Pepper

Black Pepper

Black Pepper is produced principally in the north of Espírito Santo State, nearby AGROROSAS´S factory, due to a fertile soil and ideal climate condition to produce this product, the state is becoming the main black pepper producing area in Brazil, the state will produce in about 2 years ahead about 40.000 mt of black pepper, in comparison to 15.000 mt produced this year.

Product : Brazilian Pink Peppercorn

Harmonized Code : 09 10 99

Botanic Name : Schinus Terebinthifolius

Product : Brazilian Black Pepper

Harmonized Code : 09 04 11

Botanic Name : Piper Nigrum

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