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This year differently from previous crop the harvesting period is advanced very much, as you can see in the published photos, the maturity is almost full on April 20th, it’s a result of more rain fall during the flowering period.


The total quantity available  is very difficult to say, as this is a kind of product very much sensitive to weather changing, principally during the harvesting period, cause if starts raining during the harvesting period, the whole crop can be jeopardize quickly, it depends on very much on good weather during the harvesting period to have a colorful berry.


The commercialization will start earlier and the shipment will start on the first week of May onwards.

The possibility we have the same good quality as last year´s quality, is very unlikely, as last year we had no rain fall during the harvesting period, and this year its raining very often its a sign that will continue untill the end of the crop.

This year we are offering also ORGANIC pink pepper, ECOCERT certified.

Agrorosa as leader in this sector, will continue offering top quality product at fair price, orders can be placed from now on,  in the following e-mail:,

tel.: 00 55 27 9.97 46 37 04




Rolando Martin

Agrorosa - Brazil

Export Director

Photos updated in  20/APRIL/2017

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