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Crop is due to  start from MAY 10th onwards, with the first state to harvest Rio de Janeiro, following Espirito Santo then Bahia state, this year differently from previous years,  the right temperatures and the constant sunlight during these last 6 months, will play major whole to determine its total production, however if the good weather persist, quality-wise will be better then the last year´s crop, on which we had constant rainfall during the harvesting period, but until the last berry to be harvested, it’s a long way to go, and if start raining again,  the quality certainly can be compromised.


We are posting some photos from NEW CROP plantation, we call your attention to the fact that, intensive plantation, represents only 5% of the total Brazilian Production, the majority of the pink berries, are harvested into the forest, alongside the Brazilian cost, and this production due to the lack of rain is very much compromised.

We also would like to call your attention regarding the shipment of this goods from Brazil, as the Brazil is on economic recession, the frequency of vessel has been cut in 50%, to be exported, principally from Vitoria port, port responsible for the majority of agriculture produces exported like, coffee, pepper etc., so booking has to be booked very well in advance to catch up the next vessel.


Always remind you, that pink pepper is a very expensive product to be produced, low price offer means low quality pink pepper, MIRACLE IN THIS BUSINESS DOES NOT EXIST.


Enquiries must be sent to the following e-mail:

Mr. Rolando Martin (Export Director)

Photos updated in  1/MAY/2016

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