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Pink Pepper New Crop 2022 Report

​​Crop starts from May 1st until June 15th

Updated 28-04-2022

Agrorosa 2022
Agrorosa 2022
Agrorosa 2022
Agrorosa 2022
Agrorosa 2022
Agrorosa 20022
Agrorosa 2022
Agrorosa 2022
Agrorosa 2022
Brazilian Papaya

As you can see in the pink pepper photos published today, shows a production reduced in 30/40% minimum, this is a result of extreme weather condition, from non stop rain at end of 2021 to no rain in January and February 2022, on top of this the plantation was attached by a fly that sucked the flower, killing the 1st  flowering, than came the 2nd flowering, reducing its yielding.


This year we are facing other difficulties alongside the reduced production, due to Covid 19 and the Ucranian war, producing cost increased very much, not counting with the dollar devaluation against real currency, all this combined factor is increasing the product final price.


Not forgetting due to all this adverse factor, to ship the product on time has been more difficult, as the shipping companies are offering less vessels and less empty containers to transport the goods at its final destination, not counting  with the ocean freight rates

that quadrupled since last year pushing the prices up, also the cargo is taking longer to reach its final destination, on average 30 days more.
AGROROSA is still providing to our client top quality product, our pink pepper is 90% collected from the wild forest alongside the Atlantic ocean, these forest produces hundreds of Pink pepper varieties, this mix varieties end up in a product with unique flavour, we would say, a very natural product from NATURE.
Any further information about the new crop or our products, do not hesitate to contact us in the below numbers.

Rolando Martin - Export Director
Phone: 00 55-27-99746-3704
Skype   : martin_27460
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