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PINK PEPPER 2016 CROP - UPDATE 25/05/2016

Pink pepper is very much sensitive to a weather change, if its starts raining the berries on trees becomes black, and the product is not suitable for processing anymore, as previewed after almost one year of no rain in the producing areas, or scarce rain fall, this week started rain heavy in those areas, the harvesting will be cancelled for about 10 days time, until the weather firms up again, meaning less production,    as    thee    total    crop    just   lasts 2 month´s time.

The other factor that is impacting very much on the exporters side, alongside the increasin fresh produce price, is the lack of funds, coming from the public or private Banks to finance it, as a result of the economic and political situation in Brazil at moment, nobody wants to take big risks, some exporters are already reducing/stopping buying further fresh quantities on the middle of the crop due the lack of finanancing for it.

Hope we all can do good business this season.


Enquiries must be sent to the following e-mail address:

Mr. Rolando Martin

(Export Director)

Mobile: ++ 55 27 9 9746-3704

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